I want you to f o r g e t every boy who ever smiled at you, every man who ever flirted with you, everyone b u t me.

I want you to a l w a y s remember what it feels like to be with your w i f e.

???? WHAT???? wut’s happening. why are our hair colors being discussed?

I’m assuming because I reblogged this thing that was like “if there’s a brunette and a blonde, i’ll be shipping it” BAHAHAHA

Claire is brunnette bella is blonde

this is true.

Well even this episode is a month since the last once and Lola was already decently far alone. My guess is she’s about four or five months when this ep ended

That would make sense. Oh god she’ll start showing soon I BET SHE’LL BE REALLY PRECIOUS!!! :’) time jumps just make me nervous for reasons.