OMG GUYS GUESS WHAT??? I REACHED 1k????? How… I don’t know. But this is my little thank you to all the blogs that make tumblr so fun. Sorry if i forget you or you aren’t on here i love you so very much and here is my blogroll cause all of you are fabby.

thank you thirdeen for making the fab edit

Bolded are for my really great friends and people i talk w/ quite a bit

sorry i’m too lazy to look up mutuals…..

first shout out goes to my tumblr family: the ladies of scotland.
All of you are so dear to me and such wonderful friends. Honestly I can't believe how
close we all became and I love having LOS love nights with you. I'm so glad
to have you in our little international family and you all deserve the world.
Thank you for always being there for me girlies!

ladygreer | tobesregbo | regbokane | mariesvalois | dianevalois |                           s-eyfrieds | joyscott13 | annapopplewells | ihearttobyregbo |                 justmaryqueenofscots | ladyaylee | ladykenna | marestuart |                       unfathomablybash | thirdeen | maryandfrancis | lydiasnartin |                        mailiatates 

Next is the sciles pack. My lovely lovely teen wolf network i am the admin oF. 
I love these amazing people who are all very talented and wonderful and they
slay more than anyone else i know. I love you guys so much
thanks for making this show so fun!

awmalia | delusionalstiles | derehhale | hailargent | hazehlgraces |               ianoshea | isaaclaehey | lupinwhore | lyhdiamartins | maxonshreaves |         nicholas-rediculus | obriensholland | ofmartinski | peterhaleing |                   prcngs | rebornbeta | werekate 

Sorry for lumping all of my other networks together (musketeers, arrow
, allisonnetwork, bellarke, b99, KENNA RANGERS, cloneclub
, ravenreyesnet and my new ones i'm joining) but i could probably go on for five
years talking about how great each and every net work is. Just know that
you guys have become some of my dearest friends on tumblr and you never
cease to amaze me with your talent and creativity. ILY ALL.

damonsalvctore| alec-liqhtwoods | allisonaergint | arsenalroy                        claraoswallds | eriklehnshcr | frecklyfeathers | lydiasilinski                            maliallisons | ofbilbos | penhullow | richardspeightjunior                                styhdia | vodkacas | wildlingi | buckyibarnes | ichbcrane                               theladycastamere | quatre-musktears | siriuslywinchester | cherishsam        deathstrcke | colilnmorgan | americqchavez | ohlicity                                 oliversmoaks | smoakyfire | amellywood | pnryns | femsteve                          emiliaclarkcs | brookheimers | henrydysquiths | nightvalians                         ameliasfairytales | jamesbuchananes | blwaldorf | lady-kenna                       badassbellamyblake | clarkegriffen | ladyofscots | casthebadass                   goingstraighttohale | jaspergoggles | yeahbellamy | harperstark                    sarahmcnning | stormaqeddon | siimmons | gallifrayens

oh my god i follow so many quality people how can i even do this???? 
alright here are people (in alphabetical order hopefully) not mentioned above:

accioloki | acconito | afigureofspeech | agentdomanoff | ahrgents                 alisonhednrix | allyargents | amindyproject | anchorscisaac | anchorstilinski arrowolf | aryastarnk | bansheeelydia | bellamythejanitor | bellamybleke    blakeandtheprincess | burdge | blackbirdbaroness | chirstopherevans         clarkegriffin | cptanamerica | mistressclarkeclawstoagunfight dylanssourpussy | dievrgente | engineeringbiochem | felixdawkins | fitz-loves-simmons | getoveryourselfmate | greenconverses | griffinsblake | hearttohart   hellyeahbellarke | humanityrevolts | joparrishable | kirayukiumralydia-scream | lindseymorganfans | lydiahmartinn | malialtate martym oliver-and-felicity | orphanblack | overrunbyscots | queenclaarkescottsally | scottmcdelgado | stikinski | uteenwolfwittyfelicity | robbarya

yeahh soooo sorry if i forgot anyone or forgot to bold you… you know who you are if you’re my boo. All of you make my dash fabulous and i cannot believe 1000 of you guys follow me. Ily. Now go forth and share your lovliness with the world!!!!!!!




and I for sure missed the busiest time for tumblr all damn summer….

whY ME

but…. I just wanted to pop on and say that I miss you guys so much!!!!

PSA: Vacation time!

With everything that’s been going on in my life over the past few months, it’s about time I took a vacation to get away from it all and have a breather and some time to reflect. So that’s where I’ll be for the next 10 days! I will be bringing my laptop with me, but there’s no telling how often I’ll be here, if at all. I also haven’t set up a queue because I’m a lazy bitch, which is why I’m writing this post instead, so I’ll just be super MIA. Don’t forget me while I’m gone!!! Rofl okay… cheers I love you all a whole lot <3 <3


        I hate math